Welcome to DUK Tours!

DUK Tour provides our international visitors (birdwatchers, backpackers, hikers, artists, photographers, collectors of artifacts, anthropologist, mountain climber, and others) affordable packages to discover some beautiful places, people and their cultures of Papua New Guinea.

We hire locals from those areas who know the places and cultures well that will give you the best tours you'd enjoy. We offer accommodation in a village setting if preferred to stay with the folks in the village settings, normally; with the guides' village folks.

In that way, our visitors would complete their itinerary and stay away from skyrocketing costs in hotel accommodation in Papua New Guinea. So with DUK Tours, our visitors got to stay in the village/town/or place of interest and food, accommodation, and transportation(if the place is accessible) by a car is provided for the duration of your stay.

However, if our visitors prefer to stay in a hotel and just needed a guide, we do have that option open too. It all depends on what you want and we tailor it down to meet your travel needs to Papua New Guinea. Welcome to Papua New Guinea and enjoy your stay!